5 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

5 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Meet Natalie. She is a Clinical Nutritionist and mum of one (soon to be two). Natalie holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine as well as a Marketing and Business Diploma.

Postnatalie was born out of a love for helping people, specifically new mums who are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, agitated and lost with their own health. 

"As new mother’s, we give everything to our babies, often at the expense of our own health and wellbeing, which is why so many of us feel so out of whack in those first weeks, months and even years after birth."

As a mum herself Natalie knows how hard it is to put yourself first and getting sick just isn't an option when you've go a family who depend on you so below she shares her top 5 tips to a strong immune system.

These tips seem simple, because they are. As parents, sometimes we forget the simple stuff and overcomplicate what doesn’t need to be. By going back to basics, we can not only protect our own immune systems, but also those of our children.

Boost your immune system through diet

The easiest way to do this is by making sure yours and your babies’ diet is packed with fruit and veg. Eating seasonally will ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck as this produce will contain higher amounts of immune boosting nutrients and better flavour profiles that your body will love at this time of year. Bonus for breastfeeding mums is that your baby will get a lot of the nutrients you eat, passed onto them through your breastmilk.

Get into the Sun

In the colder months it’s easy to rug up and stay inside, especially with little kids. But did you know getting out into the winter sun can boost your Vitamin D levels, in turn helping with our immune system and resulting in less sickness for both you and your babies. Aim for 15-20 minutes of sunshine either mid-morning or early afternoon (no sunscreen) and if it’s warm enough, strip down so your arms and legs can be exposed to absorb the sun’s goodness. The good news is that the sun’s UV rays are less in winter so there’s a significantly less chance of being burnt.

Pro Tip: Don’t shower for at least half an hour after sun exposure or you risk literally washing the vitamin D away.

Supplement smartly

Mums, ensure you have your bloods done and speak with a practitioner before supplementing yourself. However, I strongly recommend throughout winter considering a Vitamin D, Cod liver Oil (especially for baby), probiotic (again great for baby), a good multi, Vitamin C and zinc to help keep your immune system in tip top shape. Supplements should not replace a balanced diet; however, they can work beautifully together!

Keep Moving

Being physically active will help your immune system better cope if it does cop a beating from a virus or other infection during winter. It also stimulates blood flow and gets things moving so your body can be more effective at removing toxin build up. Exercises that focus on breath, like Yoga can also help stimulate Qi, your vital life force (or energy). As hard as it can be in the colder months, try to prioritise some sort of exercise for yourself, whether that be a gym class or simply running around the park with your little ones, you’ll reap the rewards.

Hand hygiene

The oh so simple hand hygiene. If COVID has taught us anything it’s that washing our hands can do wonders when it comes to avoiding getting sick! That goes for both you and your little ones. Practising regular hand washing will contribute to less germs being passed between family members (sometimes unavoidable with toddlers and young children) but absolutely worth trying!

Bonus tip!

Incorporating foods such as liver and bone broth can help boost immune function. Grass fed liver provides a highly nutrient dense option for both mum and baby (opt for grass fed liver) and includes immune boosting vitamins A and D. The amino acid profile found in bone broth assists with collagen synthesis, immune function, gut health, joint health and is oh, so warming! Exactly what you need in the cold months. 

If you’re after some tailored nutrition advice, especially in your postpartum period, follow Natalie on on Instagram @postnatalie_ or get in touch via email or through her website www.postnatalie.com. Natalie offers ZOOM consultations and in-person consults at my home in Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.



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