The woman behind the machine!

The woman behind the machine!

Rachelle designs and hand-makes everything for Bobby & Rose.

She is an absolute gun when she is in the zone and a mum to Cooper (5) and Frankie (2). We sat down with Rachelle so you can get to know her a little better.

What did you do before Bobby & Rose?

I ran my own women's wear label, worked for other small Australian fashion companies and taught dance around Sydney.

What is your favourite part about running Bobby & Rose? 

I love the process of design and making a piece from beginning to end. The design ideas, pattern making and (many!) trial runs, seeing the piece finally come into fruition and then seeing what the public think when meeting them at the markets!

When your not working (and being a mum) what are you doing? 

Being out in the sun, yoga, dance and going for looong drives. I love a solo drive belting out songs from 80s, 90s and naughties. However, I'm not a the slightest!

How do you manage your daily workload? 

Never underestimate the night before prep!  I love a list and a clean house/workspace to get up to. Did I mention I like lists?

Favourite Bobby & Rose piece?

I can't choose one! I love the Frankie flares and the earthy tie dye pattern and the new ribbed sets.

Biggest lesson you have learnt since launching Bobby & Rose? 

How much I am capable of getting done whilst the children sleep! Still blows my mind how much I can get done when I am on a time crunch set by our little babies.

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